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Double Sided Flowers & Fungi Explorer Window

Double Sided Flowers & Fungi Explorer Window

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Unleashing the Wonders of Nature for Young Adventurers! The Wooden Double-Sided Flowers and Mushroom Explorer Window is the ultimate companion for budding nature enthusiasts. Designed especially for kids, this portable identifier allows them to delve into the enchanting world of wildflowers and fungi with ease. One side of the explorer window features a captivating wildflower identification guide. Bursting with vibrant illustrations, this side showcases a variety of wildflowers commonly found in meadows, forests, and fields. Flipping the explorer window to the other side unveils a fascinating mushroom identification chart. With detailed depictions of various species, kids can now unravel the mysteries of the forest floor.


Maple Plywood

Maker Info

Owner Opperated
Ethically Made
Women Owned
Locally Owned
Hand Crafted
Sustainably Harvested
Natural Fibers
Small Runs
Made in the PNW
Waldorf Inspired
Montessori Inspired
Open Ended Play
Heirloom Quality
Supports Arts

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