Mirus Toys

About Mirus Toys

Mirus Toys is created by Suba, her husband and our two children (who are our primary testers) all living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, WA, a city in the northern banks of Columbia river. Mirus Toys is designed to create educational, imaginative play experiences that inspire kids—and parents—to learn, explore, and have fun in the process.


She possesses a background in computational biology. During pregnancy with her adorable daughter, her first child, she sought out wooden toys that could
  • Grow with her child
  • Nurture her curiosity and keep the childhood magic alive
  • Inspire a deeper connection with nature
  • And finally that she can proudly display instead of hiding when she has visitors.


In search of something special, Suba sourced a scroll from Craigslist and created her own. She was elated to witness her child enjoying the product, and was passionate about granting every child the opportunity to experience that same joy. Before launching her business, Suba invested an entire year into understanding safety regulations. Mirus Toys was officially established in 2016 and has dedicated itself to providing high-quality, handmade materials to classroom teachers. Suba and her team of five talented women are based in Vancouver, WA and craft every item with care.

When you choose Mirus Toys, you are selecting products that:

  • Encourage the child’s curiosity and creativity
  • Include for learners who are neurotypical and neurodiverse
  • Allow for hands-on, multi-sensory exploration and learning
  • Bring complex concepts into a hands-on toy that will engage your learner on many levels
  • Provide for control of error and self-correction
  • Emphasize the incredible learning process, not the result