About Us

Sustainability is defined as resource that meets present needs without compromising those of future generations.

At Bootyland we view sustainability as a process that we have encouraged and will continue to year after year. We begin with a focus on labor and how items are produced, then look at content, design, and re-usability. With all we hold the idea that "the richness of life comes from expression strengthened by the creative process and experience."

We have been a mama run business since 1996. A beacon for creative, hip fashion for families. First shop in Seattle to carry organic and hemp baby clothes. Now we have extended our selection to Toddlers, Kids, Tweens, and Adults. Bootyland holds a place in the community with a dedication to providing space and products created in a variety of sustainable ways. Including Organics, Bamboo, Hemp, Fair Trade, Locally Made, Reconstructed, & Responsibly Sourced Woods. We are a shop, and in the most urban neighborhood this also means being a reflection and meeting place for the like-minded. And, as always, Breastfeeding-Friendly.