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Archivist Gallery

Matchboxes by Archivist Gallery

Matchboxes by Archivist Gallery

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Fern: The Fern design by Real Fun, Wow! is a best-seller round the clock. A master of the minimal, our good friend Daren Thomas Magee highlights the magic of nature with this gorgeous fern leaf and sun design. Printed on a vintage windmill press with gold detailing for some extra elegance.

Lady: This handsome box was designed by Chase & Wonder - award winning designers and producers of unique luxury goods, such as this elegant lady. We adore C&W and are honored to feature their glorious work on our luxury matchboxes.

Rose: Roses Luxury Matchbox is a celebration of love, color and beauty. A gorgeous hand painted rose printed on vintage letterpress, perfect for gifting to your beau or simply keeping all for yourself to add some unmistakable Archivist charm to your space.

Each box contains 125 matches.

Made in United Kingdom


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Owner Run

Ethically Made
Recycled Materials
Small Runs
Supports Arts

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