Knitted Yellow Pterodactyl

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Knitted Yellow Pterodactyl 

knitted flying dinosaur toy in striking yellow yarn has bat-like wings and a crest on its head. The pterodactyl is not strictly a dinosaur but was in fact a type of flying reptile - part of the pterosaur family. As it lived in the same period as the dinosaurs, in the late Jurassic period, we have decided to add it to our knitted dinosaur toys family. Pterodactyls would have been approximately the same size as modern birds such as eagles and hawks.

Knitted from acrylic yarn, Ethically sourced. Approximate dimensions: 24cm x 36cm. Sizes can vary and are given as a guide only.

SIZE- 21cm x 28cm x 12cm

All our knitted dinosaur toys are machine washable and suitable for all ages