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Kids Plant-Flower Pot with Seed Paper

Kids Plant-Flower Pot with Seed Paper

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Kids Plant-Flower Pot with Seed Paper
Gardening is a wonderful hobby to share with your child! Let your little one dig in the dirt, plant seeds and watch their garden grow.Four colorful pots, a trowel, and a hand fork. The essentials to any small garden, whether it is a first or an addition. Sure to bring out a green thumb in anyone of any age. Made in the USA by Plan Toys

For Spring and Earth Day 2022 we are including come handmade seed paper we created by recycling some packing supplies. 


Chemical-free Rubberwood, Formaldehyde-free Glues, Organic Pigments, and Water based Dyes.

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With a strong desire to cultivate a sustainable world, PlanToys intentionally conducts business with careful consideration for the environment, child safety and development. This mission is implemented through their three pillars of business - also known as our “Sustainable Way” - which includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and a Sustainable Mind. PlanToys ensures the use of sustainable natural resources and create minimum to zero waste throughout their production process. They use eco-friendly processes in every step of their production and strive to give back to society and the environment through special campaigns.

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