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Color Snake Rainbow Clutching Toy

Color Snake Rainbow Clutching Toy

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Color Snake Rainbow Clutching Teething Toy by Haba

Age: 6 - 18 Months

Keep your child entertained and engaged with the Color Snake Clutching Toy from HABA! The brightly colored pieces are threaded on an elastic band and offer endless possibilities for manipulating and gross motor skill training. The naturally colored beads are made of beech wood and the colorful curves are made of HABAform (an alternative to plastic made from organic materials that works exceptionally well for curved pieces).

  • The naturally colored beads are made of beech wood from sustainable forestry in Germany.
  • The colored rods are made from HABAform, a naturally occurring organic material made from 100% renewable resources. Developed in cooperation with a company from southern Germany. HABAform allows for unique shapes in production and passes all US and European Safety Standards.
  • measures 5.5" x 3"

About Haba:

They craft their products with the future in mind, prioritizing sustainability and environmental safeguarding. The HABA FAMILYGROUP is an energy consumer, but produces its own heat for heating and drying timber using residual wood such as wood chips and scrap material. This minimizes their energy footprint.

HABA FAMILYGROUP utilizes sustainable engineering approaches, such as geothermal heat exchangers, solar electricity, and rainwater harvesting for bathroom fixtures.

As we appreciate the stages of growth observed in nature and children, HABA FAMILYGROUP headquarters offer numerous glimpses of nature's beauty, from flower beds to reed ponds and meadow orchards to greenhouse gardens. Additionally, nesting boxes attached to silos and high-bay warehouses provide birds with a safe place to reside.

HABA toys are crafted for toughness and steadiness, created with sustainable manufacturing techniques. Various HABA products encourage youngsters to discover nature and foster eco-consciousness.

They actively contribute to conservation efforts, using beech wood in our production while reforesting local land. Our products are created with the environment in mind, always protecting natural resources, acting efficiently to save energy, and providing a safe work environment.




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Ethically Made
Sustainably Harvested
Waldorf Inspired
Montessori Inspired
Open Ended Play
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