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Eorthe Baby Kids

Blue Ribbed Pants

Blue Ribbed Pants

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Blue Ribbed Pants

A relaxed, oversized knit fit, these gender-neutral pants are made of the most comfortable ribbed cotton, which will become one of the most comfortable pieces of your little one's wardrobe. 

Made in United States of America

At Eorthe Baby Kids, they craft garments with an eye towards longevity. Their focus on quality, stewardship, and the production of one-of-a-kind items is designed to have a positive effect both on our planet and people. Bright, imaginative, and inspired by their surroundings, every product symbolizes their appreciation for the world we occupy, for making clothing is a long-term commitment.


100% ribbed cotton.

Maker Info

Owner Run
Ethically Made
Women Owned
Natural Fibers
Small Runs
Made in the US
Supports Arts

Care information

You should wash your knit cotton clothing in gentle machine wash or hand wash with cold water to retain the size, shape and colors. Also by using cold water you are saving energy and money. We like to be kind to our planet.

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