Collection: Images by Judith Bigham

We are so delighted to be in collaboration with fellow parent, kindred spirit, friend, and talented visual artist Judith Bigham. We have come together collaborating our interests and strengths. Judith with incredible ability for visual design and texture  and our combine interest in conscious fashion. While we built out vision and connected in Seattle our families have built inseparable bonds bringing us to this moment. We have created this collection to inspire the in the moment connection with art nature and family connections
More about Judith Bigham, She is a painter, muralist, printmaker, and all around arty gal. Judith’s work ranges from colorful abstractions to black and white illustrative drawings. She works in a variety of mediums and sizes, from small paintings or drawings on paper, to full scale murals. Her experience in textiles and interior design has made her an excellent artist to work design something that works with many textures.