Winter Water Factory

Winter Water Factory is a Brooklyn-based design and manufacturing business producing screen printed textiles and organic children's apparel. Their captivating textile prints come to life on their durable organic cotton garments, cut into classic designs that have been embraced by retailers and patrons alike. Committed to making healthy products for a healthier planet, 100% of Winter Water Factory products are crafted from certified organic cotton here in the U.S.: from fabric to finished stitch.
Stefanie Lynen and Todd Warnock are the creative minds behind the company. Lynen draws from a variety of sources, from vintage wallpaper to children's books, for her inspirational prints and designs. After completing medical school in Germany, she moved to New York in 1999 as a freelance crafter and soon picked up product design. Silkscreening became her passion and she set up her own studio in 2005. The ensuing vibrant prints have become the driving force of the company—a perfect blend of bold graphics with whimsical illustrations. Her husband Todd is the mastermind behind sales, marketing, and photography while also taking care of daily operations..
Winterwasserfabrik's origin story dates back to the 1980s in Eschweiler, Germany. At that time, Stefanie and her sister found success in bottling melted snow and selling it as "winter water" to their parents. The concept of producing unique items from all-natural resources has been carried down through the generations and is now alive in Brooklyn. Maybe one day we'll get to experience bottled winter water once more!
At Winter Water Factory, they prioritize creating jobs and providing strong ethical production in the United States. That's why they've consolidated their cut-and sew operations to a factory just down the road, in Brooklyn's Sunset Park area. Plus, US labor laws help ensure workers get a living wage and have safe working conditions—a significant plus for responsible business practices. They also reduce their ecological footprint by shipping, packaging and waste output when they keep products local too! Investing in the USA helps them help our world by supporting a network starting with those around them.
At Winter Water Factory, sustainability and ethics are our cornerstones. Conventional cotton farming is one of the most damaging agricultural practices and the staggering effects on public health and the environment have been well documented. In contrast, organic cotton is produced in accordance with strict federal regulations to achieve safe and sustainable farming practices. Despite how beneficial it is, organic cotton still only makes up 0.1% of worldwide production - which is why we're so proud to be part of a movement that supports it, as well as our planet's future health.