At WerkShoppe, the focus is on "Accessible Art." Their mission to make artwork of lesser-known creators more accessible began a few years ago. With the goal of helping artists and art lovers alike, they wanted to make new pieces available to a larger audience.

They view their business as a creative community, combining creative collaborations with emerging and independent artists to create a variety of artistic products. From their ongoing jigsaw puzzle selection, which is very close to their hearts, to their new Small Werks framed canvas art, they strive to build a connection between their art, customers, and those that customers share their WerkShoppe experience with.

Werkeshoppe Loves bringing art to your home through their Jigsaw Puzzles and they are also is the perfect way to get creative and give back. Puzzles are made from the ESKA® 100% recycled board pieces with non-toxic, vegetable-based ink helps support art education programs. Enjoy the challenge of piecing together the random-cut puzzle and be proud of your handiwork, made in the USA.