Wee Gallery

SURYA + DAVE, Founders of Wee Gallery, discovered the incredible development of babies in their first five years when they had their own son in 2002. This knowledge surpassed any they had previously acquired, leading them to recognize that...

• newborns can only see as far as 12 to 15 inches away (around the length of your forearm and hand)
• they are most taken with their parents’ faces

• they are drawn to simple but repeating geometric shapes in black and white

• at around 6 months of age, they begin to recognize animal forms, later calling them by name

With a background in Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology, graphic designer Surya and teacher Dave combined their passions to create an exciting world of animals and nature themes. Their unique learning toys for babies are designed to entertain and educate, tailored to every stage of a baby's development and backed by years of research. These safe and sustainable toys are perfect for stimulating a tiny mind.

As their youngster employed the Art Cards, they noticed that motor skills were improving with the baby being able to grab the cards to examine them. Furthermore, as tales were told for each animal, the infant could be observed listening and observing, while intermittently rotating the card. As the child neared one year of age, they may carry the cards and show them to others, requesting a story.

Wee Gallery's product line has grown to encompass the needs of children up to five years old, allowing them to learn and grow alongside their kids. With the aim of producing simple and engaging toys, they strive to help parents make meaningful connections with their little ones.

Wee Gallery gives to reforestation efforts annually via One Tree Planted (onetreeplanted.org). In 2020, they funded an initiative to restore British Columbia after the Hanceville fire destroyed 590,000 acres. In the years since, they have supported the local communities of India by planting fruit trees and contributed to Florida's pine forests, wetlands and ecosystems.

Wee Gallery is committed to partnering exclusively with manufacturers holding themselves to a code of conduct focused on ecological and social sustainability, including fair wages and appropriate working environments. Our paper product manufacturer is highly esteemed, having obtained ISO 9000 certification and numerous awards in the industry. Additionally, our textiles factory in India is a GOTS-certified producer of organic cotton fabrics.