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Located on the Unceeded Land of the Duwamish and Coast Salish People

The Winding Road

"We work with artisans in developing countries to help improve their standard of living by providing a fair wage and a safe work place. We've been working with our felt supplier in Nepal since 2012, a couple in their early 20's who had moved to Kathmandu from their village to create a better life. We brought their felt goods to the US, and now employ 75+ women artisans. Part of our profits go toward paying full school tuition for our employees' children in Kathmandu, Nepal."

Discovering Handmade, Fair Trade Global Goods from Around the World

Madhav Pandey founded Winding Road on 4th July 2011. After twenty-five years in corporate marketing, she pursued her passions for travel and trying exotic locations. She delights in seeking out the exclusive and unheard of, and immerses herself in the sights, sounds and aromas of bazaars, markets and souks around the world. She endeavours to assist and build relationships with small vendors who uphold fair trading standards and employ natural, eco-friendly materials where they can.


From a young age, she had a passion for travel, having visited Spain, Morocco, Portugal, France, Mexico, Israel and other destinations with her family. She continued to explore during college, studying overseas for two semesters and backpacking through Europe and the Middle East. She encountered unique markets and bazaars in Cairo, Greece, Italy and many other places, but as a budget-conscious student, could not buy much beyond a few mental notes for future visits.

After years of traveling to India, Nepal, China, and Pakistan, she finally could purchase these unique items and deliver them to her supportive friends. Her first official venture for Winding Road began with a trip to Kathmandu in 2011. Accompanied by her mother, she encountered various talented craftspeople. The products she brought back included handwoven cashmere shawls and blankets, in addition to other fair trade goods which she displayed at the San Francisco Gift Fair and sold to museums. Her business started and never looked back. It was remarkable to discover her family had previously been merchants in Venice in the 1500s, and even further back along the Silk Road in Kazakhstan!