Soft Soul Footware

SoftSoul Footwear INC is committed to creating stylish, eco-friendly slippers that are PETA-certified. Originally designed for a hypoallergenic baby, these handcrafted pieces of art use sustainable cork fabric and other luxury textiles. The Canadian based business seeks to fulfill the needs of the modern family. By being mindful of the cork industry's environmental needs, SoftSoul hopes to become its supporters in a sustainable and strategic way. Their core goals include:

100% Portuguese cork

In Portugal, we take pride in providing essential economic support and livelihood to thousands of people living in rural areas. This is only made possible due to the stringent quality standards implemented on our products. To guarantee 100% authentic, genuine cork layers, we collaborate with reliable national partners who are focused on harvesting high-quality materials from farming and forestry activities. The Portuguese Corks' Seal of Quality is an invaluable asset that ensures these practices are adhered to.

100% Sustainable

Cork tree forests are an incredibly valuable resource for a variety of reasons. In order to preserve these ecological wonders, the Portuguese state has undertaken various initiatives in the form of the Natura 2000 program. This program serves to not only ensure conservation of biodiversity, but also promote reforestation projects over 500.000 square feet of land. The goal is to increase our commitment to ecological protection and sound natural resource management- something that is essential for any nation's long-term sustainability.