Sarah's Silks

Sarah’s Silks is a family-run, Waldorf-inspired business dedicated to creating sustainable toys and play items for children. For over two decades, Sarah has been inspired by Waldorf philosophies as well as her own imaginatively formative years to craft eco-friendly wooden and silk toys like Playsilks along with many others. Let your child's imagination take flight with Sarah's Silks!
They concept all started with Sarah, an individual whose life is filled with energy and enthusiasm. She loves to embrace the warm summer days, enchanted by the glimmer of a rainbow after a rain shower. Every day, Sarah brings joy to families through a wonderful spectrum of colors, helping them receive the blessings of rainbow play. 
At Sarah Silk's, they prioritize sustainability and ethical labor. Wooden toys are produced concerning the environment and in line with ethical working conditions. The production partners use high labor standards while affording competitive wages and sustaining healthy work environments. Each stage of the process is attended to with detail, from cutting wood chips by hand to final sanding. Everyone at Sarah Silk's is proud of their commitment; they guarantee the utmost attention has been applied throughout each step of creation.
Transparent Factories
At these factories, they strive to provide fair wages and excellent working conditions to create a positive environment for employees. Their goal is to promote from within and give everyone equal opportunities in the workforce. To ensure accountability and honest communication, they conduct regular audits and develop strong relationships with every vendor. All of this is done to empower their employees and make sure that they have an opportunity to succeed.
Ōshadi Collective believes in the respect and regeneration of Mother Earth throughout all our processes, from printing and dyeing to weaving, spinning, and back to the soil. We honor Sarah's vision of creating organic Playcottons by providing radical transparency in the production, from farming with organic practices to hand-weaving, hand-dyeing with natural dyes, and sewing in India. All these efforts help preserve the integrity and beauty of Mother Earth for her people as well as current and future generations.


Playsilk Factories are proud to partner exclusively with factories that practice excellent work and demonstrate respect for their employees. Sarah's Silks are crafted with Habotai, an ancient material from the cultural home of silk production, China. Suzhou is a renowned hub of Silk culture and our fabric is crafted here according to these traditions. Nanchong is also integral to our story; this city specializes in silk worms, providing us with an important local product which families have traditionally grown in centuries! We're proud of having supported the local economy through sustainable farming initiatives as well as visits to our factories by local school children who learn about the process of silk making.
Let's celebrate the craftsmanship behind Playsilks! We've been working with some of these manufacturers since Sarah's Silks' first days in business, over 20 years ago. These small- or medium-sized businesses have helped us grow and shape what we are today. Right from the beginning, sustainability and ethical production have been priorities for Sarah's Silk — our entire manufacturing process is designed to be kind to the environment, with people at every stage receiving a fair wage and having their safety taken into consideration. Plus, we get to visit the beautiful Nanchong and Suzhou villages where skilled workers hand-dye and hem everything for us. Amazing!