Little Green Radicals

About Little Green Radicals

In 2005, Little Green Radicals was founded with the intention of producing visually stunning children's apparel. Nick, the founder, believed that beauty could only be achieved through the right method of production. Consequently, their garments have been organic and certified Fairtrade from the very beginning. Their commitment is to continuously strive to make better garments, while respecting the people who make them and reducing environmental harm. Through Little Green Radicals, they are hoping to ignite an ethical fashion revolution.

Founder Nick began Little Green Radicals in 2005 and chose to utilize only Fairtrade cotton. This means they pay a higher price for the cotton, benefiting farmers, their families, and the surrounding communities. Chetna Organics, situated in Yavatmal, India, is one of the cotton growers they collaborate with, having nearly 36,000 farmers. Organic cotton is used in the production chain, prioritizing worker safety, while minimizing negative environmental impacts caused by intense use of pesticides in cotton production, which can be harmful to farmers and their families.