About Grimms

Grimms' advocates for toys that not only provide amusement, but also offer age-appropriate materials to promote child development.

Children's imaginations should be nurtured, unlocking their creative potential that will stay with them forever. By selecting beautiful, handmade toys crafted from natural materials, they advocate instilling an appreciation of beauty and quality, as an antidote to our "throwaway culture".

Open-ended, unintentionally creative play The journey is the aim Confucianism demonstrated this truth, which is the primary principle behind imaginative play. Once we give our youngsters pre-planned play and journey realms that are mapped out to the minutest detail, we limit the chance for them to cultivate their creativity.

From the design perspective, they strive to provide unrestricted playing potential, fostering creativity and innovation. Guided by Waldorf education and other alternative educational theories, including Montessori, they maintain the values of these methods within their core ideologies.


Countless combinations are available for the construction of limitless environments, providing small and large builders alike with the tools they require to craft new realms and scenarios. The same materials can be used to construct a farm one day and a hospital the next, or a dollhouse or imaginary land soon after.

An almost unlimited range of configurations can be achieved with the products, allowing for a great deal of creative playtime which contrast with the often-sedentary, digital lifestyle of the present. These items present an opportunity for a tactile, sensory exploration of the world, which is paramount to a child's development.

Every Grimm's toy is crafted with natural wood, featuring variations in structure and color that attest to its superior quality. Each product is distinct, with unique features that make them one of a kind. Explore the distinctiveness of your Grimm's toy and discover what makes it Simply Unique!

This family-run business has been creating sustainably-sourced, natural wooden toys of quality tested safety since 1978. With meticulous craftsmanship and a focus on detail, they design and build durable toys with a minimalistic design, providing plenty of space for children to imagine and explore. As children grow, their wooden products grow with them, enabling a new world of play.

This family-run business has been creating sustainably-sourced, natural wooden toys of quality tested safety since 1978. With meticulous craftsmanship and a focus on detail, they design and build durable toys with a minimalistic design, providing plenty of space for children to imagine and explore. As children grow, their wooden products grow with them, enabling a new world of play.

Established in 1978, this family-run and sustainably operated manufacturer is located at the base of the Swabian Alb. With careful craftsmanship and a focus on detail, they have been producing organic, top-grade, and safe wooden toys of officially tested excellence for nearly 50 years. They design long-lasting wooden toys with a minimal design, granting ample opportunity for the child's imagination to grow. In turn, exciting play worlds emerge that evolve alongside the child's growth.

Manufactured in Germany and across Europe, Grimms headquarters in Hochdorf is where all processes take place - from product development, oiling, coloring, assembly, quality control, packaging and distribution. Following Waldorf education, Montessori and other alternative pedagogical approaches, woodworking is outsourced to small, independent German and European companies. The main producer was once educated in Grimms German offices before returning home to Bosnia to launch his own enterprise.


"We want to bring children closer to nature, the world and our lives in a playful and imaginative way.“

Elke Grimm

Produced in Germany and throughout Europe, thier products are developed, oiled, dyed, assembled, inspected, and shipped from the Hochdorf headquarters. We are driven by Waldorf education and other alternative pedagogical methods, such as Montessori. Thier woodworking is outsourced to small independent companies in Germany and Europe. The most experienced of our producers learned his craft at our company in Germany before returning to his hometown in Bosnia to open his own business.

Their products are always distinctive, comprising natural, one-of-a-kind characteristics. With few exceptions, every component is sanded and sawed manually - compared to machine-based production, this creates a different look and guarantees the singularity of every product. Alder, lime, beech and maple wood are utilized.
The dedication to detail and expertise of the craftsperson results in a visually striking free-hand design, created with a single piece of wood. The intentional asymmetry creates a unique and organic aesthetic, in contrast to machine-created, symmetrical designs.


The distinctive trait of their range of toys is the bumpy yet plushy texture, coming from the application of colored glazes which permeates the wood fibers and provides a vibrant surface. Particularly with building blocks, this contributes to enhanced playability since the single wooden parts won't slip away as easily.

Their vibrant colours and natural oils appeal to both children and adults. The non-toxic water-based stains are safe from contact with saliva and have been rigorously tested for colourfastness according to EN 71 and CPSIA/ASTM 963 standards. The pieces are also hand-dipped in stain without a protective layer to maintain their natural wood qualities.


The products are certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 & FSC™ standards, and verified by external testing institutes for European (EN 71) & American (CPSIA / ASTM 963) safety requirements. Lovingly hand-painted & decorated, each item is crafted with care. Additionally, the brand works with workshops for adults with special needs in Germany during assembly & packaging.

'As a sustainable manufacturer, we have an entrepreneurial responsibility based on respectful interaction with the environment and the people living in it.“

Sven Grimm

Grimms' sustainable design is timeless, stripped down to its essential features, providing kids with opportunities to use their imaginations and interact with the same toy for an extended period of time. The design is robust and adjusts to the child's progress, keeping playtime fun and engaging.
Their toys are designed to have a long lifespan and the wood used is extremely durable. Should it suffer damage, it can be repaired. Furthermore, when it reaches the end of its usefulness, the wood is biodegradable.


Saving Resources

  • Use of green energy, such as green electricity, wood pellets and solar panels in Hochdorf
  • Production of wood pellets from the remains of wood production and complete heating of the buildings in Bosnia
  • Resource-saving and recyclable packaging (please reintroduce it to the recycling cycle)
  • Bicycle leasing as a resource-saving mobility program for employees in Hochdorf
  • Use of recycled paper
  • Trade fair appearance with an energy-efficient rental system
Adhering to their commitment to accountability, Grimms offers their staff a fair wage, social benefits, safe working conditions, and security. They extend this same responsibility to customers and suppliers. As good corporate citizens, they fund their own growth and sustainability in the market. Additionally, they contribute to humanitarian efforts on a regular basis.
Wood harvested from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™ License Code: FSC-C125886) comprises their sustainable forestry resources. The FSC® marking is present on select products and their packaging. With this measure, we strive to take greater responsibility for our forests and resources, and external documentation is achieved.
Grimm's toys are always individual and possess their own distinctive characteristics created by nature. Wood grain features different structures and colours illustrating its natural origins. These distinctive variations are an assurance of quality and not defects. Appreciate the particularities that make your Grimm's toy singularly remarkable!
Wood is strong and timeless, able to maintain its beauty throughout the ages while imparting stories of nature and life. When its lifespan runs its course, the material can easily be recycled into nature.
From Nature, dark spots on the rainbow are due to mineral deposits; had the tree grown further, a branch would likely have formed. Additionally, black stripes are entirely natural--the result of a pith tube, or "heart of the tree". Visible when working on the wood, its darker color and structure separate it from the surrounding wood. What story will your Grimm's product tell?