Grapat began as a concept after the emergence of the founders' first kid. They noticed that she didn't require store-bought toys to have fun and used her creativity to turn everyday items into whatever she desired. They saw how content she was and concluded that being present, noticing her needs and providing everyday items to meet them, was sufficient. Subsequent to the birth of their second child, they migrated from the metropolitan area to the rural area. In a traditional family home, they could embrace the less hurried lifestyle they had craved.

Using machines housed in the barn where a donkey once lived, and by hand staining pieces with old sheets in the kitchen, the family home transformed into a fully operational workshop. The realization of their dream—a company of their own—was finally achieved.

Grapat originates from the Catalan phrase "a handful", in reference to the founders' homeland. The mission of the company is to carefully gather and curate loose pieces and lovingly pass them from hand to hand, from the founders to the hands of children.

Since its inception in 2015, Grapat has rapidly expanded to 62 countries and increased its production space accordingly. However, this family project remains true to its roots and continues to operate as if it were a child of the family. Handmade clay and beeswax prototypes, handmade staining, and a genuine, unique voice characterize Grapat. This is the vision and way of life for which Grapat stands.