Eco Kids

eco-kids was founded in Maine in 2008 by Kip and Cammie Weeks. Their initial offering was eco-dough, a natural, non-toxic alternative to Playdough. Over the next several years, their range expanded to include further eco-friendly materials for kids' art and craft projects. In 2019, Roxanne Quimby, co-founder of Burt's Bees, acquired eco-kids, growing their product line while staying true to the company's original mantra of "creative play the natural way."


The company has since relocated its operations to Raleigh, NC, where 90% of their products are created. eco-kids manufactures safe, reliable children's art materials that foster exploratory behavior, promote discovery, and boost non-verbal, visual communication.


They aim to:

* Simplify children's toys.
* Remove gender/race biases from children's products.
* Create time and space for a child's inner journey.
* Emphasize the joy of discovery, imagination, creation and learning.
* Reduce screen time.
* Reduce/eliminate unsustainable ingredients, packaging and practice.
* Reduce plastic use.