Eco Bricks (Once Kids)

Renewable Bamboo Bamboo is an outstanding, natural and restorative resource. With fast growth rates, it can help protect forests. Additionally, bamboo is easy to cultivate and considered an ideal material for sustainable, eco-friendly products that are much less harmful to the environment than plastic.

Once Kids was established in 2014 with a mission to fill the void between sustainable and plastic toys. The intricate designs and feature-rich abilities of plastic toys appeal to consumers, yet they are unaware of the environmental damage they cause. Wooden toys, while having a classic heirloom quality, often lack modern style and advanced play features.
Color Your Eco-Bricks™ Bamboo 24-Piece was designed as part of a challenge to create sustainable and engaging toys. The mission of the product is to inspire creativity while emphasizing environmental awareness, so the core values are "ONCE" (Organic, Natural, Charitable, Environmentally-friendly). It is crafted of FSC-certified wood and bamboo which are biodegradable, and painted using non-toxic, water-based paints. Charitable organizations have been partnered with in attempt to educate consumers on the effects of toys on our environment. Additionally, recycled plastic is used to create felt, aiding in environmental clean-up. This product is suitable for children and adults alike.

Once Kids realizes that the products they make can positively affect the environment, they partner with One Tree Planted® to restore forests and create a habitat for biodiversity. For every product sold, a tree is planted. To stop the flow of plastics into our oceans, Once Kids limits the production of plastic and actively contributes towards the solution of marine debris, an immense environmental threat.

Recent studies suggest that 11 million metric tons of plastic enter our oceans annually, with projections that this ratio may widen to 1 pound of plastic for every 3 pounds of fish in the coming decade. Oceans are a valuable resource and their protection is paramount; One Kids has been striving to offset this crisis for over 8 years with your support. Join us and fight the ocean plastic crisis together.