A Wild Light Apothecary




Owner Operated

Harvested, Crafted and Made in Olympia WA

Created from Organic Herbs with Minimal Wildcrafting




F E R N   T A L L O S

They were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. This is where they cultivated a deep connection and love for plants.  They say that their, ' relationship with the plant kingdom moves me deeply, their ability to change and positively influence our lives when we open up to them is inspiring and humbling. I have an endless fascination for the healing herbs ability to provide for and mirror the human experience as a healing tool and ally. That being said I believe deeply in the practice of reciprocity with all living things. I practice consent when working with plants, use ethically sourced materials and wildcraft minimally.' They have extensive training from local and regional herbalists including Karyn Swartz from Seattle's Sugar Pill Apothecary

A Wild Light Apothecary also participates in activism through mutual aid. They also give a portion of their proceeds to the Squaxin and Nisqually Coast Salish Tribes, who’s land they currently reside.

Made from Organic Herbs and Oils:

Handcrafted and packaged in re-cycleable or compostable packaging