Valentines' for Kids

Valentines' for Kids

Here are some ideas for those families and kids in school who celebrate Valentines Day. 

It is lovely to exchange sweet creative gifts, small pieces and art to all our sweeties. 

Get Creative

Keep it Simple for Younger Kids

Kids DIY Valentines Art Ideas

Paint or Decorating simple wooden shapes Tiny Hearts, Stars, Trees,

Peg People, Apples, Acorns, Boxes and Trays. 

For Older Kids and the Creative At Heart

Add Details + Get More Elaborate

Valentines craft ides for older kids

Felts Crafting, Linen Pillows, Bath Bombs, Water Colors, and Embroidery

For the Builders- 

Valentines gift for kids who like to build structure and worlds

- Eco Bricks, Tegu, Mandala Sets, Small Animal Figures

For the Active Imagination - 

Play silks for valentines

Heart Silks, Mini Silks, Wands

Something Cute For Any Any Age

Valentines ideas for all ages

 - Pins, Stickers, Candles, and Art ....







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