Botanicals remind us about the little ways we care for ourselves and each other

Botanicals remind us about the little ways we care for ourselves and each other

Reminding us about the little ways we care for ourselves and each other

Here at Bootyland Kids we are always focused on the needs of those  sweet babies and young children and their care givers. With this in mind, we have partnered with Dr. Kari from Mae Botanicals to create a series of gift sets to for families. These are lovely to pair with a new baby gift, birthday or just a reminder to slow down. Those small ways we take care of ourselves and each other make such a difference, especially over time. Connecting these tangible self-care ways helps us find care for our skin in our daily routines.
Theses product bring an extra nourishment to the skin-care we reach for everyday. Caregivers skin can need extra care. Our skin is so often dry from our constant hand washing or a birthing parent may find that they need some extra support as their body adjusts to the post-partum period or around 4th trimester.  Along with skin care we've included hydrosols to refresh our shared space and to gently uplift the mood. This can help us process all the ups and downs that are part of the rhythm of parenting young children.

We love her perspective she shares ...


Mae Botanicals products are not gendered. Relationship to self, earth, ritual, and all life is bigger than any gender binary. Use what feels good for your body. 

Mae Botanicals is a fat positive, body affirming, anti-white supremacist, Queer-celebrating, anti-capitalist, Indigenous-honoring company. We are always in study to deepen our understanding of the ways we have participated in harm, and the ways we can come into right relationship with the earth and all its creatures.

For everyone who resonates with these values, who is yearning
for meaning, ritual, integrity, and wholeness in how we live our lives -
these products are for you.'


With in the challenge of caring for our selves as we care take others. We have created this collection to find functional, practical, and simple ways support out whole selves. These collections invite us to find those moments to refresh our energy and nurture our bodies.  We can lean into them in our own way knowing the care that has been taken in their sourcing and creation.  

"The plants used in each of our creations are grown in my little front yard garden, a friend's land that I help tend, or are harvested from the wild places of the North Cascades. I only harvest from places that I have a relationship with. I have been visiting and tending to my wild harvesting spots for many years now and will do so for many years to come regardless of if I continue to harvest there or not." Dr Kari Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Biofeedback Practitioner, Herbalist, Gardner, and Community Witch

Garden About The Process Mae Botanicals

She has been tending her front yard garden on the traditional lands of the Coast Salish people. Here she has been building relationship with the plants and spirits that live on this land for the last 4 years. She also continues to nurture a  have relationship with the land and plant spirits in several areas in the North Cascades including the traditional lands of the Wenatchi Tribe and Tulalip Tribe. 

This collection inspires the nurturing of relationships beginning with Kari's inspiration to care for her self when she started making her own skin care products in 2011.  The layers of learning connection to the land, the plants, the process of harvesting and creation of each product. We admire Karis' dedication to her craft and continued encouragement in build relationships with all we are community with.

You can also learn from Kari through her plant mediations and seasonal classes



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