Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses and Stories

Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses and Stories

We are already halfway through Black History Month, and we wanted to take meaningful time to reflect on our continued commitment to support Black representation, makers and businesses. While this is a good time of the year to remind our customers of our commitment, it is important to remember that it lasts consistently throughout the year. 

One of our main partners throughout the years has been Under the Nile, so much that if you've shopped at Bootyland even just once you probably remember one of their superhero cat dolls or those adorable hats with panda ears.

Baby holding a superhero cat doll

Under the Nile has been such a staple at Bootyland because of their constant transparency over their commitment to sustainability and diversity. A POC-and mom-owned company since the very beginning, they have consistently delivered high quality organic products that our customers have loved since the store opened more than 20 years ago. 

We have recently learned that Under the Nile's long-time owner is retiring to spend time with her family and grandchildren. When such a long-established sustainable brand owner takes such a step, questions like "Will their committment to sustainability and diversity remain?" and "How will the quality of a product we adore so much be impacted?" come to mind. We are ecstatic to announce to our customers that Under the Nile's commitment to sustainability and quality remains the same: they are transferring all operations to the factory that has been creating their products for decades, ensuring they will be able to keep offering the highest quality organic cotton materials like they always have been. 

a baby laying on a blanket wearing black harem pants

Working with kids, we are constantly reminded that all children deserve to see themselves represented in the things they love, whether it's dolls, toy boxes, books, or anything else that shows kiddos doing what kiddos do. Because of this, we consistently make the effort to carry dolls and toys representing different ethnicities and abilities. 

This year, we want to improve our effort in finding books that tell stories outside of the narrative of white and able-bodied normativity. Because of this, we are officially partnering with Lantana Publishing, and award-winning publisher of inclusive books for children. Each year, they publish a select list of books promoting diversity and inclusion, social and racial justice, gender equality, pride, empathy, mindfulness and wellbeing, all written by authors from under-represented groups around the world. We are over the moon excited about this partnership, and are looking forward to sharing all these wonderful new children's book with our community. All children deserve to see themselves in the world around them, and to grow up knowing that who they are is a treasure that is beautiful and wonderful.

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