Two children playing in a bath with Bath Crayons

About Bath Time and Toys

Bath time is an important moment for growing babies to toddlers and into kids. Whether they love it like they are meant to be in the water, or whether they have a complete dislike for it, it’s a crucial step in their development, especially as they learn their likes and dislikes and how to express them.  Playing in the water is also be and learning through the senses and in integral part of toddlers development. Orca natural rubber bath toy

When kiddos are not into being in the water, bath time can become a real challenge! One of the easiest ways to make bath time fun is to incorporate play in the process, and bath toys are the perfect avenue for that. For years we have carried Plan Toys’ sailing boats with their cute animal passengers. These little wooden boats are a perfect bath time friend for toddlers, though customers often wonder if wood is the best choice for a bath toy. When answering these questions, we often wonder why they are asked: when treated properly, wood is a great material for bath toys, but wood toys just don’t feel like bath toys because we are used to silicone as the primary choice of material for their production. 


Even though animal sailing boats are still our favorites, we’re happy to have added natural rubber toys to our bath time collection! This natural material is sustainably made from the latex harvested from rubber trees, and it creates soft and flexible toys that are free of toxic chemicals. Its elastic properties make it a wonderful material for toys, which can be produced with minimal environmental impact. Natural rubber toys are also great for sensory development in babies, thanks to their soft texture and characteristic smell.

Honeysticks Bath Drops

As kids get older and really get into bath time as play time it is always fun to add some thing new  to inspire them. The Honey Sticks bath crayons and color drops add in an extra layer of creativity.  The as parents and grandparents themselves, the makers at Honey Sticks know how important it is to encourage creativity and create ease for parents. Both are easy to clean Bath Crayons wipe away with a warm cloth while Bath Drops simply wash away without leaving residue. 

What ever age your child is at there are so many ways to make bath time fun, playful, and relaxing. 


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