Sharing Our World Picture Book

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Sharing Our World: Animals of the Native Northwest is a 24 book from Native Northwest publishers. This unique title offers young children an introduction to the various animals from the Pacific Northwest Coast.

"We have a spiritual connection with all that dwell in our natural surroundings. Our beliefs, based on our ancient traditions, guide us to live in balance with the wildlife that we share this land with." - T.J. Young, Kaigani, Haida

"Respecting animals and their habitat as taught by our elders allows us to connect as a co-inhabitants of the forests, oceans, and our entire planet." - Paul Windsor, Haisla, Heiltsuk

Partial proceeds from this publication support aboriginal early childhood development

Artists from Nuxalk, Namgis, Coast Salish, Kwakwaka'wakw, Haisla, Heiltsuk, Haida, Bella Bella, Tsimshian, Kwa Na Ki Nulth and Nuchatlaht Nations provided the images, and cultural comments about ancestors, totem, thunderbird, wolf, salmon, frog, beaver, owl, bear, otter, raven, eagle, turtle, hummingbird, butterfly, octopus, and whale. Each artist's contribution is recognized in this important title for young children. It also introduces young children to Northwest Coast art designs while explaining the importance of interdependence with the environment.