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Sketchbooks by eeBoo - Square

Sketchbooks by eeBoo - Square

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Sketchbooks by eeBoo - Square

This high-quality sketchbook is a standard 6" x 6" paper size, with 30 matte 95lb pages and durable spiral binding. Pack in your lunch bag for al-fresco sketching sessions or have around the house for doodling and journaling!

  • 6“ x 6”
  • 30 pages

A sketchbook paired with color pencils forms a versatile duo for artists, providing a platform for both rough drafts and detailed masterpieces. The sketchbook's blank pages offer freedom and spontaneity, while color pencils add depth and vibrancy to sketches, allowing artists to experiment with shading, blending, and texture to bring their visions to life in vivid detail.


Maker Info

Fair Trade
Owner Opperated
Ethically Made
Women Owned
Sustainably Harvested
Recycled Materials
Natural Fibers
Waldorf Inspired
Montessori Inspired
Supports Arts

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