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Ginko Press

Nora and the Little Blue Rabbit

Nora and the Little Blue Rabbit

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Nora is the new girl in school and just wants to make friends. Then one day she spots something unusual out of the corner of her eye — a little blue bunny that only she can see! At last she has someone play with and talk to. When she discovers that a boy in class can also see the rabbit, she makes a real life friend who also has a secret of his own. Unlike any children’s book before, the entire story ingeniously takes places on the walls in the photographs. Illustrated in a vibrant graffiti art style, this book comes with two stencils that allow kids and adults to recreate some of their favorite characters from the book


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GINGKO PRESS was created in 1985 by Mo Cohen and Julie von der Ropp in Hamburg, Germany. Expansion to the US occurred in 1991, with the establishment of Ol’John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press in Santa Rosa, California. In 1994, GINGKO PRESS moved to a new headquarters in Corte Madera, California; here, they began to distribute Taschen America to the book industry, and opened the door to original manuscripts in 1998. The most recent development was the move to their present base in Berkeley, California, in 2009.

Gingko Press acquired global rights to Marshall McLuhan's works in 1999. His insights on culture and technology provided a new viewpoint for interpreting history by examining tools and development, as prominently reflected in his famous expression "the medium is the message." McLuhan anticipated the rise of software over hardware, the loss of privacy, the increase in popularity of pop culture, and the modern-day street as the primary educational and artistic platform.

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