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M is for Movement

M is for Movement

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From the author of A is for Activist, here is the story of a child born at the dawn of a social movement. 

At first the protests were in small villages and at universities. But then they spread. People drew sustenance from other social movements in other countries. And then the unthinkable happened.

The protagonist in this fictionalized children’s memoir by Innosanto Nagara is a witness and a participant, fearful sometimes, brave sometimes too, and when things change, this child who is now an adult is as surprised as anyone.


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Innosanto Nagara, founder of Design Action Collective, advocates for uniting design with activism to bring about social reform. He said, "Opponents expend vast sums yearly in endeavors counter to the people's interests, trying to peddle products and services they don't require. We must join this conversation, put our resources to use shrewdly & promote people's wants & needs. By working together, we can topple the boulder from the incline."

Inno began graphic design for social change at UC Davis in the 80s. He then moved to SF where he worked for Jaguar Design. In 1995 he joined Inkworks Press in Berkeley. There he advanced his design concepts, and in 2003 founded Design Action Collective in his home's living room. It grew to 14 members providing print, web, media and other services to the Movement over the next 16 years.

Inno, a children's book author and illustrator, spends his time both writing and illustrating works centered around social justice, as well as providing graphic design, art direction, and creative communications services to entities he supports.

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