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Rainbow Waters

Loofah Sponge and Solid Dish Soap Set

Loofah Sponge and Solid Dish Soap Set

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Loofah sponges are a great natural alternative in the kitchen & bath. They will naturally expand when they are wet under the faucet and will be approximately 1/4" thick. Nice & scrubby on dishes. They are also wonderful for gentle exfoliation on the skin.

Use in the bath or shower! 

Size: 3.5" disc. (expands to approximately 1/4" thick) 1-pack
Made in United States of America

Solid Dish Soap

Ditch your single use plastic bottle dish soap and replace it with our solid dish soap. This soap is packed with simple & natural ingredients. It creates a ton of bubbly lather that cuts through grease and is super cleansing. Pair this with a loofah sponge and transform your dish washing routine to an eco-friendly solution!

Lasts 2-3 times longer than the plastic bottle alternatives making it more economical as well. 

Ingredients: Distilled Water, ^Sodium Hydroxide, *Coconut Oil, * Orange Essential Oil. ^Does not remain after the saponification process. *Indicates Organic Ingredients.
Made in United States of America


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Owner Opperated
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Hand Crafted
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Natural Fibers
Made in the US

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