Plan Toys


Since 1981, PlanToys has been deeply committed to creating a sustainable world. Their holistic approach considers the environment, society, safety, and child development in the production process. Through innovative eco-friendly methods and green materials, they are contributing to the protection of ecosystems while paving the way for a brighter future.


The 3 Pillars of PlanToys'



 Sustainable Mission

Advocating a commitment to sustainability, PlanToys takes a conscientious approach to conducting operations with due respect to the environment, child safety and growth. This mission is implemented through our three pillars of business - also known as our “Sustainable Way” - which includes Sustainable Material, Sustainable Manufacturing and a Sustainable Mind.
Plat Toys Sustainability Framework
They guarantee the sustainable use of natural resources and achieve little to no waste production.
They create children's toys with elevated care, featuring environmentally-friendly protocols at each phase of fabrication.
They support earth-friendly and educational initiatives to create a more positive global society.