Peregrine Kidswear

About Peregrine Kidswear 

Peregrine Kidswear designs gender-inclusive kids' clothing, embodying the innocence of childhood. The company manufactures high-quality, sustainable garments of top-tier bamboo with captivating prints that can be handed down from sibling to sibling. The brand is inspired by the Peregrine falcon, reflecting the freedom of the adventurous spirit.

Discover why Peregrine focuses on bamboo materials!

Bamboo fabric is designed to be luxuriously soft and ultra-smooth against your skin, helping soothe even the most severe cases of eczema.Their fabric is custom milled for an optimal combination of plushness, stretch, durability, and pill resistance. Experience the unparalleled softness of our bamboo pajamas!


Sustainability: Bamboo is a rapidly proliferating plant species, requiring no pesticides and up to 30% less water than cotton. Additionally, Bamboo Joggers offers designs for all genders.


Comfort: This lightweight fabric is more breathable and insulating than cotton, allowing you to remain cool during warm weather while staying warm in colder conditions. With Peregrine pajamas, you no longer need to switch out your wardrobe due to seasonal changes!


Bamboo fabric offers twice the longevity of cotton, and its elasticity allows it to adapt to your child's growth. Built with top quality materials, such as elastic thread and fleece-lined feet, these pajamas are designed to last twice as long as conventional cotton PJs.