Artist Myra Origami

Summer Artist Spotlight Myra Origami

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Aug 10th 5-8pm

meet our featured Artist Myra!


Rainbow origami mobile hanging in front of a white wall

Myra is an artist whose creativity and passion for origami have been deeply influenced by her multicultural background. Born to a Japanese mother and an Egyptian father, Myra has embraced her diverse heritage, incorporating it into her journey.

From a young age, growing up as a kindergartener in Finland, Myra found solace and self-expression in the art of origami. Unable to speak Finnish, she discovered that origami became a universal language, transcending communication barriers as she taught her classmates how to fold paper cranes.

With a specialization in origami mobiles and origami interior design decor, Myra has honed her skills to transform spaces into captivating visual experiences. Through the delicate balance of precision and creativity, her origami creations breathe life into any environment, evoking a sense of wonder and tranquility.

Myra from Myra origami standing in from of a wall of flowers

Beyond origami, Myra possesses a diverse range of artistic talents. When not immersed in the world of paper folding, she channels her creativity into crafting immersive escape rooms that challenge and entertain participants. This unique blend of skills allows Myra to curate unforgettable experiences that merge art, puzzles, and storytelling.

Having lived in various locations throughout her life, Myra has now found her home in Seattle, Washington. Drawing inspiration from the city's dynamic arts scene and her own multicultural background, she continues to push the boundaries of origami as an art form, consistently seeking new ways to captivate and inspire her audience.

Instagram: MyraOrigami

Paper cranes hanging from a mobile