About Minabulle
When the Founder had a baby, she was disappointed with the clothing she found: overly bright colors, too many frilly details, and uncomfortable fabrics. She wanted simple clothes in muted hues, far from what was available in stores given her ecological awareness. For her son, the patterns were too basic; she felt boys were entitled to softness, not just dinosaurs, cars, and superheroes.


This desire to create her own collections gave rise to a unique product that caters to the needs of parents. She wanted to make sure that everyone could dress their children in clothes that remain true to personal tastes and values. Easy living clothes are essential; mornings are always hectic, so clothing should be quick and simple to put on, with a timeless aesthetic that's easy to pair. Forget about ironing; with easy-care clothing, parents can spend their mornings and evenings with their children, or sleeping, instead of wrangling with the iron.



They offer collections for children from newborn to 6 years old. With minimalist, timeless style, the clothes are designed for comfort with loose, unisex cuts. Each item in the collection is an essential addition to a child's wardrobe, made from carefully chosen materials such as natural and organic fibers (working towards 100% organic!). Quality textiles are paramount for providing comfort to the delicate skin of little ones.


Their careful selection of color ranges is made with love. At Minabulle they favor neutral, muted tones that are ageless. All of their dyes are certified Oeko-tex, resulting in a consistent seasonal color palette. With this, their garments can be easily combined from season to season, fostering longevity, timelessness, and simplicity.


Their prints are graphic, minimalist, and gender-neutral which brings the perfect combination of inspiration and poetry to your daily wardrobe. They have been curating capsule collections specifically tailored for women in order to create matching looks or make a statement of your own. All of their clothes are lovingly crafted in Portuguese workshops of a human scale.