Eco Lunch Box

ECOlunchbox has been empowering individuals to reduce their plastic use in the pursuit of healthier living and a more sustainable environment since 2009. Thier bentos, tiffins, and lunchbox sets are responsibly made with no plastic and are entirely non-toxic.

ECOlunchbox is a mission-oriented business that offers an array of plastic-free products built to empower individuals to reject plastic. We firmly hold to principles of environmental and social accountability in our operations and proudly hold certifications of B Corporation and California Green Business. ECOlunchbox is a woman-owned venture situated in California.

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ECOlunchbox meets the rigorous standards of a verified B Corp™, an organization that uses the power of business to create a more sustainable and equitable economy. As of 2018, over 2,500 B Corps™ were operating in 60 countries across 130 industries. These businesses have achieved the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

ECOlunchbox is proud to be a Certified California Green Business, a status that shows our devotion to sustainability. We comply with over fifty-seven regulations in areas such as water conservation, energy efficiency, waste management, and pollution prevention. Our efforts include recycling, installing low-flow water fixtures, purchasing green energy, offsetting UPS shipments, utilizing LED bulbs and energy-saving equipment, and buying recycled materials and products. We're devoted to protecting resources and stopping pollution, and strive to do so in every way possible.



At ECOlunchbox, we are mindful of our environmental footprint and annually assess our planet impact. Their carbon footprint is measured using greenhouse gas accounting. To offset our corporate electricity usage, we purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to help reduce our carbon impact and support clean energy. 

Additionally, ECOlunchbox measures the carbon footprint generated by our imports shipped by sea freight and business travel, then offsets those emissions through carbon sequestering projects, such as renewable forestry. Additionally, all UPS shipments from our business are carbon neutral because we pay a green fee to participate in UPS's offset programs - which support projects such as reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

Our lunchboxes are formed from top-grade, food-grade stainless steel and responsibly sourced from India and China. Steel is an extremely durable and recyclable material, with the International Stainless Steel Forum reporting a 90% recycling rate - a significant improvement from the 66% rate of years prior. Sadly, the rate at which plastic is recycled is only 1%, with the majority of it ending up in landfills or polluting our environment, including the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.