Corinne Lapierre Limited


The Corinne Lapierre kits are crafted with care by a dedicated team in Yorkshire, England. This team is passionate about crafts and creativity, and they take pride in sending customers quality materials and inspirational ideas. The felt used in these kits is composed of 45% wool and 55% viscose, offering a luxuriously soft feeling when crafting.

In 2002, Corinne Lapierre left her career in fashion design to care for her three children. After some time being a full-time parent, she sought to pursue her creative endeavors and took up millinery which lead her to discover felt. She was immediately captivated by it and developed a passion for learning how to work with the material. The more she learned about the properties of felt and its numerous potential uses, the more motivated she became to invest time and energy into crafting with it.


In 2009, Corinne Lapierre began exhibiting her felted goods at craft fairs, selling successfully. During the Christmas season, she offered a kit for making felt gingerbread men which quickly became a hit. Seeing this demand for learning and crafting, Lapierre established the business in 2010. Since then, the company has focused on providing felt sewing kits to inspire others. They have attended numerous trade shows and retail fairs, and are now sold in the UK, France, other parts of Europe, Australia, and Japan. Everything is handmade in Yorkshire by a talented team.


Creative director Corinne Lapierre possesses one of the most enjoyable jobs around. An influx of ideas is always coming from her head and she wishes to explore them all. Creative spark comes from nature, folk art, and traditional textile crafts which continually fuels her passion for the next project. Without her incredible, diligent team, nearly nothing would be created.