Conscious Step

At Conscious Step, they envision a world where everyone can have a lasting, meaningful impact. They are confident that even the smallest acts can leave a powerful impression and lead to greater change. These actions motivate and energize those around us, creating an ever-expanding circle of transformation.

Through their initiative, they make it simple to support the world's most urgent causes by connecting with relevant nonprofits.

Their team of artists, collaborators and strategists are small but mighty, proving that great work requires the best people. They exhibit creativity and kindness, striving to make a positive impact on the environment with every action.

They've diligently worked to ensure their manufacturing is both sustainable and transparent. They understand the importance of creating clothes that make people feel good, not just regarding style, feel, and durability, but also knowing that their production didn't harm people or the environment.

The cotton for our socks is sourced from India, the leading producer of organic cotton globally. Our socks are made without any GMOs, pesticides, or insecticides, making them gentler on the environment as well as kinder to your skin.
Their team ensures fair and accountable labor practices, such as minimum wage compliance and paid overtime, as well as prohibiting child labor. Furthermore, they prioritize slow fashion, focusing on quality and timeless designs, rather than chasing current trends. Essentially, buying better is more important than buying more.
Certified Fair Trade and Certified Organic Cotton