2 Stories

2 Stories

2Stories logo with a cotton goose mobile in the back ground


Scandinavian design falls in love with oriental craftsmanship

Women Owned

Based In Germany

Handcrafted by Women in Turkey

Crafted from Natural Fibers

2 stories, is the combination of 2 different cultures; Scandinavian design falls in love with oriental craftsmanship. "Sometimes things can be more complicated than you think!"

They believe it is all about loving what you do or doing what you love and 2 stories is a passion project which they hope will become a lifetime journey.


"Protecting those we love most is our top priority - our children, our families and the environment! Because we love our children, our products are pollution-free, and because we love our environment,  Creating high quality handmade items in small batches. 

They offer small runs through pre orders to reduce waste. They are committed to supporting other small businesses, women and mothers. Therefore, all products are hand made with 100% made under fair conditions by women and mothers.

Made from Natural Fibers:

Organic Cotton, Conventional Cotton, and Linen