What Local Made Looks Like

Each year we reflect on what we have been through the following year.
Each year we see how our efforts effect our greater community
Each year we are re-inspired to bring you more local made goods
Each year we see what that impact has on the maker and on the user
Each year we see the smiles and hear those experiences and how they bring a little spark into our lives
This year 2016 in Seattle  we are dreaming up new possibilities and are excited to see what it looks like in our dreams
This year we will see what it really looks like in reality
Here is a peek into..
– local favorites for kids – 
For the Tween – soft, fun, custom designs = City Kids Style
Japanese Retro-pop merging with Seattle style = Namu
namu nnja hoodie
Neighborhood, city pride, and more done with style = Little Orange Room
The perfect everyday lounge pants and cozy sweaters  = Simply Sweet Makings
side pantsd sunny bowie
Whimsical children’s couture 


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