Runt Farm - Beatrice and Blossom

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Runt Farm is a place where all animals are welcome, even weasels (as long as they don’t eat mice).

About the Runt Farm Series

Published by BooktiMookti Press, the Runt Farm books are a series of illustrated middle readers for ages 6 – 10 that feature a non-traditional family of animals. The story begins with a couple of orphans who adopt each other:  a young, tough-guy cat and his duckling sidekick who take over an old abandoned barn. Two extra-smart Mom and Pop mice named Tooth and Cletus soon arrive, having recently escaped from the evil NAARF laboratory. In Book 2, a brave, bossy bunny and a squirrel with an impeccable flair join the family ranks. The mice engage in delightful, vocabulary-building banter as they seek to provide stability and safety for their adopted multi-species brood. Strange inventions emerge from Cletus’ workshop as the animals pull together in rescues and close calls involving wily weasels and nefarious NAARFers, giving readers a good look at a healthy example of “found family.” Adoptive, foster, and other families celebrating diversity will appreciate how this close-knit group gets through tough times, solves their differences, encourages the underdog, and grows ever closer with each new adventure.

Runt Farm - Beatrice and Blossom
by Seattle Author Amanda Lorenzo

In this second book of the Runt Farm series, when mouse friends Cletus and Tooth hear a bunny moaning in the weeds, they rush to help her. Flop-eared and big-footed Beatrice is an excellent fit for the farm. She actually pulls off a rescue of her very own! ...