Small Rollie Animal

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Small Rollie Animal

These playful wood toys on wheels will delight every child. It fits comfortably into small hands and pockets. Handmade from local hardwoods, finished with non toxic mineral oil, our wheeled Whale is eco friendly, natural and organic. Made in the US by Wild Apples Toys.

The whale is by far the biggest mammal. For toddlers the Whale with Wheels (4"x2½"x2") is a fun thing to roll down a ramp.

The Brontosaurus (4¾"x3"x2"; 11cm x 7cm x 5.2cm ) is ecofriendly, natural and organic.

The Elephant Roley Poley (3½"x3"x2"; 9cm x 8.5cm x 5.2cm) is like Barbar, very intelligent, especially if he is in the hands of a smart kid.

The Horse on wheels (3"x3½"x2"; 7.5cm x 8cm x x5.2cm) is a very durable farm animal toy. It can jump, gallop, trot, and of course roll.

The Giraffe ( 2"x4½"x2"; 5cm x 11.3cm x 5.2cm) is ecofriendly, natural and organic. Give your kid a zoo collection of our wooden toys on wheels!