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Jill Bliss

Jill Bass Resilient Stickers

Jill Bass Resilient Stickers

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Resilient Dandelion

Dandelions are nothing if not resilient. 

Take their tenacity as your own. Let yourself grow and flourish everywhere you go. 

Rainbow, Hope & Little Scarlet

Stick this waterproof sticker anywhere you need a reminder of your favorite ecosystem, or a bit of color!

The phrase contains within it a microcosm of activity and a view into the slice of life that is the Pacific Northwest's natural environment. 


Abundance—a very large quantity of something—and in this case, a lovely collection of wildlife found in the Puget Sound. 

Jill Bliss' series of stickers depict native flora and fauna found in the pacific northwest, and the ecosystems in which they live.   

Heavy duty all-weather (water and fade resistant) stickers for your boat, kayak, car, water bottle, notebook, bike, anything!

Size: 3" x 4"


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Owner Run
Women Owned
Locally Owned
Owner Opperated
Recycled Materials
Small Runs
Made in the PNW
Supports Arts

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