Qoali Tyngdtäcke Sven

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The worlds most coolest weighted blanket

Feel healthy and wealthy after a luxurious slumber with one of our most lavish collections yet. Made eco-friendly and sustainably, the blanket’s weighted glass beads are divided into 180 sections between two layers of premium mulberry silk. Considered to be the most breathable material in the world, use your Qoali quilt for all four seasons.

Weight/Filling: Glass beads

Weight distribution: 180 sections

Padding: 2 layers of mulberry silk

Outer fabric: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 200x150 cm

Thread density: 240 TC


This is the right weight blanket for you, if…

You are fully sold on the sleep revolution and want the best feeling and comfort that a weight blanket can offer, at a price that is not close to the cost of no sleep. You are looking for better and deeper sleep, and you understand that a weight blanket with the latest technology is the best tool for that.

You will love your Qoali weight blanket, because:

  • An adult sweats between 2-6 dl per night, it is important to have a weight blanket that regulates the temperature and breathes well. We use an intelligent material such as mulberry silk, which efficiently transports moisture and heat and is considered one of the most breathable materials. It has the same properties as human protein, which means that it can regulate the temperature.

  • 100% plastic free. Natural materials only.

  • Smaller squares / compartments. This prevents the filling from ending up in the corners of the pockets / compartments. You get a stronger effect from the Qoali blanket.

  • New sewing technology that prevents the filling from leaking to the other compartments. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will have a reduced feeling of weight over time.

To consider

Having the Qoali blanket over you and lifting up the blanket where the arms and wrists are allowed to work are two different situations. But do not be intimidated when you get the package home and lift up the Qoali blanket, here you need to give it a chance in its right environment. Holding up 8kg with your hands can be very heavy for the arms and wrists. We have carefully selected these three weights after careful analysis and feedback from customers to suit the different preferences, which means that there is a relatively large difference between the alternatives.

All our descriptions are for you who are physically healthy. If you have a medical background, you should always consult your doctor.


 The weight blanket Sven contains mulberry silk, the world's most fantastic natural material. The silk is, despite the luxurious and elegant feeling it gives, easy to care for. Silk quilts do not need to be washed because silk does not attract particles, such as dust or mites. We often wash our textiles unnecessarily, when it is enough to ventilate. Then all the fine properties that the silk has are also maintained.

Once you wash silk, never use detergents with bleach or enzymes, as these break down the fine fats that are naturally present in the silk. In the event of an accident, you should only wash the affected area. Stains are only treated with detergent adapted for just silk, or silk soap. Do not use fabric softener.

Other notes:

  • Shipping only within EU. 
  • This is a hygien product. Used blankets can not be returned.