Puddle Gear Rain Hat

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This Hat is fleece lined... it has ear flaps and a small reflector on the back.  Help keep those masks dry when kids are playing outside.

It comes in three colours Red and Pink and 

in two sizes 56 CMS and 58 Cms- measure around your childs crown to determine size - it goes mostly 56... ages 0-7 and 58 4-18+ (I fit a 58 nicely)

Sadly due to rules not in Puddlegear's control Hats are not exchangeable or returnable.

The Model is 3 and is wearing size 56

Puddlegear is PVC and Phthalate free.

Made from chemically inert Polyuethane. Meaning that Puddlegear will not off gas thus is safer for your child and is not contaminating the ground water in its manufacture.

Puddlegear is wind and waterproof. Soft and Flexible. Strong and Durable.

Puddlegear has chosen 8000mm polyurethane and heat sealed seams to avoid any toxic chemical sprays often used.