Owl Long Sleeve Footed Romper

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Owl Long Sleeve Footed Romper

The perfect one-piece outfit, in our Owls print - a collaboration with designer Ashley Toth, inspired by the tiny Saw-whet owls who each fall migrate by the thousands, passing through New York City as they make the journey from Canada to warmer climates.

To give back to the little creatures that inspired our print, 10% of sales to the are donated to the Wild Bird Funda nonprofit  in New York City that takes more than 8,000 animals under its wing for rehabilitation annually.

Winter Water Factories classic long-sleeve rompers have lap neck openings for quick and easy ons and offs, and 7 snaps along the inside of the legs on wide binding for withstanding wriggly babies and many many trips through the washing machine.

-Made in Brooklyn NY USA

-100% Certified Organic Cotton