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My Must-Have Mum

My Must-Have Mum

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My Must-Have Mum

A funny and heart-warming story exploring disability and environmental awareness, couched in unconditional love. Jake’s mum is not like most mums. Say there's a skip in the street, most mums will pass right by without a second glance. Not Jake’s mum. “Look at this, Jake!” she'll shout. “We must have this! We must have this, too! And we simply must have this!” That’s Jake’s mum for you. She’s a must-have mum. So when Jake’s mum upcycles every last thing in the apartment, Jake begins to worry that the only thing left to change is…him! Will Jake’s mum try to change him too?

"From a wheelchair-using mum who is always picking up treasure and making things, thank you so much. It is so rare to find books that show pictures that look like our family!" – Josie George, author

"This is a totally LOVELY book and deserves lots of attention. Great for opening conversations about disability"–Nicola Davies, author

For ages 2+. Hardcover, printed on sustainably sourced paper using plant-based inks.


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Lantana Books, a prestigious award-winning publisher and social enterprise, is devoted to the mission of providing inclusive books to children of all backgrounds written by authors from diverse and under-represented groups. Their mission and offers stories with unique and powerful protagonists, themes such as identity, social justice, and self-love, and engaging illustrations. Children can explore the world outside their door in a safe and fun way. About Lantana Books Their catalog features books with a variety of cultures and backgrounds, providing an opportunity for children to discover different perspectives and stories. In addition, their books come with an optional audio version, so children can continue to learn and explore.

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