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Milk Shake Hat Adults

Milk Shake Hat Adults

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Milk Shake Hat Adults

The Milkshake Hat is made from alpaca fiber, making it soft and durable. This classic style is perfect for any season. You’ll find yourself reaching for this hat both on a cold winter evening and a crisp springtime morning. The fit can be adjusted by folding the brim. One size fits most. Slight variations in size or color are a result of the handmade nature of each product. Each hat helps build economic stability for women artisans in the Andes Mountains. 

Handmade in Peru or Bolivia.

Materials: 100% Alpaca.

Care: Hand wash gently in cool water using mild detergent. Lay flat to dry, do not wring. Dry cleaning is fine.

More About the Maker


Materials: 100% Alpaca.

Maker Info

Fair Trade
Ethically Made
Sustainably Harvested
Organic Fibers
Natural Fibers
Small Runs
Heirloom Quality

Care information

Hand wash gently in cool water
Use mild detergent
Lay flat to dry
Do not wring
Dry cleaning is fine

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