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Falling Stars Shillouette

Falling Stars Shillouette

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The story of the Startaler in german, the star catcher girl, is enchanting, and this lovely image fills our hearts and heads with its charm.

Transparency paper silhouettes offer a gentle magic when the lights go out. They can be illuminated from behind by the flicker of a candle, or an LED tealight. The hole for the candle has diameter of 17 mm, however, we have also found that the Grimm's aluminum candle holder fits perfectly inside this hole, and we then suggest to people to buy the Grimm's candle holder separately, fit it into the hole to catch wax drippings, and use our 13 mm diameter beeswax candles.

Base sold separately. We do recommend the wooden base, as the silhouette frame does not stand upright securely enough on its own without the use of the stand. The stand is sold separately, as some people choose to purchase one stand, but more than one silhouette to swap out the silhouettes depending on the season or celebration.

Made in Germany.

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