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A Wild Light Apothecary

Postpartum Set

Postpartum Set

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Postpartum Set

This Set has been selected by Fern Tallos the creator of the A Wild Light Apothecary.  They have been developing these products and this collection in the last  ten years as a practicing clinical herbalist and doula.

2 Teas-

Nutritive Tea

This tea is meant to help in recovery during the postpartum period. These nutrient dense herbs help the body retain good mineral and vitamin levels, address depletion, and help in our overall ability to resist stress and build resilience. See Listing


Sitz Bath

This product is used to tighten tissues, reduce pain and discomfort, and restore balance in the pelvic area post birth. See Listing


2 Tinctures- 

Motherwort Tincture 2 oz- Motherwort has a profound ability to hold us when we can’t hold ourselves. It can be helpful for sleep, for postpartum related anxiety, and for relieving stress. Contains Motherwort and grain alcohol. A versatile herb is helpful to have for a variety of post birth needs.

Cramp Bark Tincture 2 oz- This remedy is for easing cramps directly following birth, in the days after birth, and for menstrual cramps. Contains Cramp Bark and grain alcohol. A handy herb to have present post birth.


Soothing Solution
Aloe Soothing Solution

This remedy is for soothing vaginal tissues post birth. Made with Aloe, Witch Hazel, and Lavender Essential Oil. See Listing

Nipple Salve

To sooth chapped, sore and worn out nipples. This salve contains Calendula infused almond oil, beeswax, lanolin, vitamin E oil, and shea butter, and Vetiver and Yarrow
essential oils. See Listing


Made in Washington
Learn More About A Wild Light Apothecary

- About A Wild Light Apothecary and a note from Fern Tallos

My name is Fern Tallos, I am a community herbalist based in the Olympia area on Nisqually and Squaxin territory. My work encompasses private consultation services, custom herbal formulas, postpartum support, and mediation services. I strive to provide the highest quality care and medicines to my clients and community. 

The practice of herbalism seeks to find balance in body, mind and spirit by minimal and gentle use of healing herbs.  This is achieved in part by illuminating the imbalances which keep us from wellness. The act of healing asks us to examine the ways our behaviors and patterns, histories, environments, and relationships to privilege and oppression have affected and continue to affect our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 

I believe herbalism is a radical form of self-care and that investment in community provides a framework for upholding the changes we make in our lives. I invest myself daily into this field in part because of its accessibility and affordability, but also because of the participation the healing plants call on us to be active in. I see change most vibrantly when we become as involved as possible in our healing. It is my top priority to provide nonjudgemental care and I believe that each person regardless of their sexual orientation, gender expression, race, ability, class, religion/spiritual beliefs, resident status, or substance use status has the right to care and support.  We are all born with the right and the ability to heal. 


Made in Washington



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