Wood Play & Activity Gym - in Onyx
Wood Play & Activity Gym - in Onyx

Wood Play & Activity Gym - in Onyx

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Wood Play & Activity Gym - in Onyx by Clover and Birch

A wooden a-frame modern baby play gym that allows you to interchange toys

The aesthetic of the natural wood is soothing and invites play without being overstimulating. Our natural toy gyms and mobile accessory sets encourage your baby to develop their hand eye coordination by inviting them to reach and grasp for engaging objects within their view.

Once your sweet babe outgrows their Clover and Birch play gym, simply remove the middle rod and store flat until it’s needed again. How perfect for apartment or minimal space living! We used this as a small costume or doll clothing rack as the little ones grew.

Each play gym includes three coordinating mobile toys. The clip mobile does not include greenery or a hand lettered card. Use it to hang yours and baby's most favorite items. 

These Activity play gyms are created with the finest local pine. Each baby gym features rounded edges that are hand sanded smooth. 100% cotton rope connects the pine pieces and allows each gym to be fully adjustable. Colored tips are painted using eco friendly, zero VOC paints.

Our wooden play gyms measure two feet tall by two feet wide and are approximately sixteen inches deep. 

Gyms will be shipped flat. Some assembly required.